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Soon to be Master of Interactive Digital Media, from Trinity College Dublin.

There is no opportunity, like opportunity, for the opportunists.


Oh me, oh maya, I am excited.


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Headed out to finally try the bouldering in Gleno last Sunday. I can’t wait to go out again and get the vertical climbs on big Jim. 


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playing text based games as research for a personal project.

Really enjoying the abuse in Oxygen and the drudgery of The Life of a Computer Tech.

Also, the RGB colours in Nameless are sweeeet. Feels like I’m playing the RTÉ tele-text.


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I am very grateful to be ‘finished’ my MSc. 

External & internal examinations are done and over, and official results are released next week. Whoop!

There have been a large gap between posts due to massive amounts of time spent ‘finishing’ things for the installation, and not being bothered to take time to sit down and document it online. 

However, post microprocessor summer 2k14 and an afternoon of reflection, I’ve decided that there is a vast world of mp to explore, and I think I’d like to take a wander. 

Today I found this, the Estimore. There’s two things I’m curious about, firstly it’s size and secondly it’s meaning as a communications device. 

Size — I’d love to take it apart and figure out how it works. Then I want to use it for things like dead-drops in niche communities ( e.g share Pd files within a Pd musician community) or as communicative street graffiti.

Meaning — is it one of many intermediary steps in the the eventual settlement of ubiquitous visual transparent communications in cities?


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Many things are spinning on my many plates at the moment. 

Trying to get everything working to start installing the exhibition tomorrow. 

Here’s a seemingly fierce productive fellow, Cian McLysaght. 


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So I’ve figured out why I can’t read the separate values from my Arduino LED screen shield. 

The 5 buttons (UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, SELECT) are all running from the same A0 pin (analog 0). After trying to decipher the different serial port values of each pin from the 0 - 1023 baud rate of the device, (which are ~145, ~329, ~503, ~0 and ~742, respectively), I tried the ‘comport’ method in Pd. No such luck, as you can see, each pin (the box with ‘split 0 #’) is printing the same information. Therefore I haven’t been successful in either a) pin pointing the exact location of each pin in the Baud, b) assigning a named pin to it’s correct value or c) interpreting a passed or failed attempt at each option correctly in the Pd patch. 

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SofaSesh, brought to you by the number 118922 and the colour #0000ff

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SofaSesh, proudly sponsored by Polyfilla.

deep gap

deeeeeep gaaaaaap

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Found this Pduino patch that reads a little clearer (more graphics and concealing of connections) than the FLOSS manual Pduino sensor input file. 

It’s from the Sound and Physical Interaction website of the Finland based Alto University blog-site. 

Fierce handy.


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I really like the code logic behind the LiquidCrystal LED display.

The hardware I bought is the 16 x 2 LCD Shield for Arduino N07DH from Maplin. Really happy with it so far. 


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